Ways to Keep Your Trucking Business Successful with a Merchant Cash Advance

Cash is always a premium in the trucking business as in the case of most industries. This is true for large companies, but even more for small independent truckers. If you own a trucking company, you’re probably trying to gain a competitive edge in every way possible. However, as you are probably aware, the most profitable trucking companies are those that can grow rapidly. Thousands of businesses have used merchant cash advances to finance their operations.

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to get the working capital that you require? There is no need to be concerned. Simply turn to a reputable business funding expert, such as Crest Hill Capital to get a merchant cash advance for your trucking business without any challenges. They offer several types of trucking financing solutions so you can cover your immediate liquidity gaps or expand inventory and fleet size. Let’s dig deeper into the advantages of this form of alternate funding.

Expand Your Fleet 

If you currently just have a few trucks, you may find yourself having to turn down many jobs, which will affect your bottom line. Thus, early fleet development is critical for securing a place in this highly competitive industry and that’s where merchant cash advances can be beneficial.

Hire More Drivers 

For your trucking company to succeed, you’ll need enough drivers. Unfortunately, there are a number of expenses associated with recruiting drivers that must be covered before they can begin working. To start, you may need to spend money on recruiting costs, such as working with a recruiter or advertising on paid job sites. You must also be able to pay for training, licenses, permits, insurance, potential union fees, and other costs. While these costs can seem high at first, getting more drivers would help your trucking company in the long run. Using merchant cash advances from Crest Hill Capital can make this possible! 

Update Technology  

Today, there are more high-tech truck options available than ever before. Improved camera systems, enhanced routing systems, and electronic logging devices are only a few of the technology trends for trucks. These innovations will help your trucks run more efficiently while also improving their safety. These inventions are, of course, expensive, which is why a trucking company cash advance from Crest Hill Capital will help you make new advancements hassle-free.

Save on Inventory 

In most industries, purchasing greater quantities will save the company money per unit. Driving down marginal costs is one of the most effective ways to boost the trucking company’s bottom line over time. According to Crest Hill Capital reviews, using merchant cash advances from Crest Hill Capital will help you to buy more inventory for your trucking business.

As a result, owning a trucking company can be a lucrative endeavor. The cost of transporting goods to a particular location would skyrocket if the trucking industry didn’t exist. Despite the fact that the industry is unmistakably here to stay, only a few trucking companies can thrive. Applying for a merchant cash advance will help your trucking company achieve its long-term objectives and expand.


Most Profitable Small Business Ideas To Start With Alternative Financing

Perhaps you have always dreamt of owning and running your own business? Maybe you have a secret passion that you want to turn into a full-time business? Or, perhaps you want to open a small café around the block with lots of books where people can read and sip a cuppa?

There are so many potential business owners out there who want to have something of their own but are not sure how to go about it. In this blog, we will tell you about the most profitable small business ideas that you can start with alternative funding. Cresthill Capital reviews have some amazing insights.

1 – Food truck business
If you love to cook up interesting and delicious food and are eager to start your entrepreneurial journey, then a mobile food truck is a great idea. Although the food industry is highly competitive, you have a fair chance for a high ROI.

And the good news is that the food truck business is still not oversaturated, and you can start with a minimal amount of investment. If you’re worried about the financing, then there are a lot of lenders who offer alternative financing options to help you kickstart your food truck business. Need more details? Visit Cresthill Capital.

2 – Subscription boxes
The subscription box business is not new anymore. Today, you can create a subscription box business model for almost every human need. From wine to educational stuff for children, you can have anything and everything on a subscription box business model. So, take your passion and put it in a box! To make it impressive, create a unique “unboxing” experience that you delight your customers every time they receive it.

It will undoubtedly give a boost to your ROI. If you’re still worried about financing, alternative financing can help you to kickstart your business. Since there is absolutely no paperwork involved (most of these are online), the wait time is minimal, and the approval rate is fast and easy, you don’t need to wait for too long to start your subscription box business.

3 – Niche gyms
Niche gyms or gyms that offer a specific type of activities like yoga, CrossFit train, pilates, or Zumba are getting more popular among the millennials. If you are a fitness trainer or have a skill for it, this is a great time to start your niche gym. With equipment financing and other alternative financing options available, you need not worry about funds to start your dream entrepreneurial journey. Checkout Cresthill Capital for alternative funding options to start your business.

4 – Website development and digital marketing
With everything going online, every business needs to have a digital presence. To begin that, one needs to have a website and promote it across different social media platforms. If you have the required skillsets, then you can start a website development and digital marketing solution and work as a solopreneur.

You need very little investment to build your website and invest in some tools and software to begin. All of these could be taken care of by alternative funding.

So, what is holding you back from starting your entrepreneurial journey? If you’re uncertain about the alternative funding options, read Cresthill Capital reviews for first-hand inputs from fellow business owners.

The Importance of Fast Cash Advance For Small Businesses

The importance of funding companies cannot be neglected in small and medium scale businesses. Sadly, ever since the banks started tightening their regulations, small business owners found it quite difficult to get approval on their applications. This is when the alternative financing industry evolved and came into the picture.

These reliable non-bank funding organizations focused on providing financial assistance to SME owners and making them more powerful, that too at extremely flexible cost structures and repayment options. After discovering this new alternative option, entrepreneurs have become a lot more favorable towards alternative lending companies like Cresthill Capital/Mantis Funding because unlike banks, their evaluation criteria are not stuck between credit score and collateral.

Instead, they consider other more important factors such as the business model of the company, revenue stream, expense patterns, etc.

Apart from that, just in case you are not satisfied or have some issues to be resolved, they have a completely dedicated department named Cresthill Capital Complaints. Here a team of experts deals with all your issues and grievances and makes sure they are resolved at the earliest.

Thus, it is quite clear that the alt-lending industry is more focused on providing customer satisfaction rather than just making sheer profits from those in need.

Why do small business owners require fast cash?

Be it any business at any scale, money plays the most important role to keep it operating. However, in the case of small and medium scale business owners, a lack of cash accessibility can be no less than a nightmare. It can immediately affect the daily tasks that keep the business running.

A few common examples of such a scenario include unexpected price hike of products, hike in wages, new vendors, a rent hike, expansion of business and so on. Since these situations cannot be predicted and show up as a surprise to business owners, a hard cash crunch might result in consequences.

Thus, alternative financing companies like Cresthill Capital/Mantis Funding play a major role by offering great deals to SMEs in various modes including a merchant cash advance, capital funding, line of credit, etc. depending on the requirement of the business.

How is Alt-Financing better than traditional financing?

We all know that traditional funding institutions such as banks are quite stringent when it comes to their terms and regulations. They mainly judge the credibility of the borrower through outdated methods like the assessment of credit scores and assets. Also, the entire procedure right from the application to verification to sanction of funds in the account is extremely complex and time-taking.

On the contrary, alternative financing companies make sure the application process is not only easy but also super fast. In some cases, when alt-lenders find it urgent they even transfer the funds to the customer’s business account in just 24 hours!

Moreover, to ensure that every customer is treated best and stays satisfied throughout the deal, an experienced team of professionals resolves all the Cresthill Capital Complaints as soon as they are received by them. Through this quick, easy, and flexible method and comprehensive approach, alternative lenders make the best option to go for small and medium business owners.